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Why Great Rate Realty?

Buying or Selling a Home is one of the biggest decisions you'll make in your life. We really feel that most people would prefer to have a professional agent at their side. Having an expert agent to guide you through the process can relieve some stress, and make your transaction as smooth as possible. Most people agree with this philosophy as the majority of homes are bought and sold through organized real estate. "BUT WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH?!".

Born out of a desire to realign the way fees are charged in the real estate industry, we seek to give you professional advice and guidance for a fee that we believe is more in line with what the value of a real estate transaction should be(in our humble opinion). As we have shared our message, we continue to receive support from the public. The general consensus from our clients is that real estate professionals should be paid for their services, however, those rates need to resonate more with their clients.


What does your brokerage charge?

We charge $4,995 to list all homes under $500,000. For homes $500,000 and over, we charge 1%. This is our listing fee commission.

We recommend that you pay a 2.5% commission to the company of the buyers agent, that brings the buyer to the transaction. You can choose to pay more or less when you list the home and we can discuss these options with you, however, our savings chart is based on the recommendation of 2.5%


Do you charge the fees up front?

No. Fees are paid when a house is sold and transaction is complete, as per listing contract. And if your home doesn't sell, you pay nothing!


Are your listings with the local real estate board and on the MLS®?

Yes, and Yes!


Will other Agents show my home?

Yes. All real estate agents are required to show homes that meet their clients best interests. We feel that the recommended 2.5% commission offering is a very attractive rate to most real estate agents.


I have been told that other agents sometimes ask for more commission in an offer than what is being offered on MLS®. Is this true?

A buyer's agent, with the consent of a buyer, can ask for more commission with an offer, so that the buyer can fulfill their contractual obligation for commissions in a buyer brokerage agreement. As the seller, it is up to you, how to decide to handle this request. Many sellers simply decline the request as they are not party to any other contracts for commissions, however in certain circumstances, and if the offer is right, a seller may decide it is in their best interest to pay some or all of the extra commission request(ex. Seller is really happy with the offer). Even in those situations, our sellers save a great deal of money as Great Rate Realty will never increase the listing side of the fees.